File Virtualization – The Better Way!

Until today, if you wanted files and folders to be available to on any device you are working on wherever you were, you were required to copy those files and folders to a secondary location such as a public or private cloud.  It was the cloud storage that was virtualized.  Files copied to the cloud are abstracted from their physical location, while the files on your devices are not.  In other words, you had to copy your stuff from the storage on your device, to virtualized storage – to the cloud – to someone else’s computer.


Access All Your Storage

Today, that all changes. Now there is a better way.  Now you can use the file virtualization technology of FileFlex to virtualize your own storage – all your storage – server storage, server attached storage such as NAS, SAN and DAS, desktops, laptops, FTP, public and private clouds.  They can all be virtualized using FileFlex.  When you virtualize your own storage, all your files on all your storage devices are abstracted from their physical locations.  All your files can be accessed from any computer, any laptop, any tablet or any smart phone, from anywhere.  You don’t have to upload or sync them to a third party.  Syncing of data to secondary locations is no longer needed and is no longer relevant.  In fact syncing becomes obsolete.  Your data stays on your storage, on your premises, behind your firewall and under your control.

True File Sharing

FileFlex provides a better way to file sharing because file virtualiztion allows file sharing from source locations.  You do not send a link or attach a copy – you access the file where it rests in its source location.  That means there are no storage limitations, no file size limits, no quality degradation (no compression) and no complicated IT type setup for the sharing of files.

Media Streaming

FileFlex provides better media streaming because file access virtualization allows streaming of music, videos and movies from their source locations to any user or contact.  Access and streaming is immediate.  Those long uploads to secondary locations now a thing of the past.

Remote Multi-Location File Management  

FileFlex provides better file management. File access virtualization enables users to use any internet connected device to cut, paste, copy, delete, move and organize any document located anywhere on the corporate infrastructure including cloud storage.  Remote file management bypasses physical access to a device, re-entering credentials to a device and/or the vendor’s proprietary software which can sometimes be quite cumbersome.

Try It For Free

Don’t take our word for it.  You can try the FileFlex for free and check out the benefits of virtualizing access to your own storage here.

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Tom Ward is the VP of Marketing for Qnext Corp. He is an expert in the technology industry with a history of achievement. Tom holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University.